BSZ401A Merencanakan Penilaian-1

sumber : Australian National Training Authority, BSZ98

Apakah penilaian itu?

Setiap hari di tempat kerja kami menguji keterampilan orang-orang dan membuat keputusan tentang apakah mereka mampu mengerjakan suatu pekerjaan khusus. Misalnya, bila anda libur sehari dan orang lain menggantikan anda untuk memproses suatu pesanan, anda harus yakin bahwa mereka memang mengerjakan hal tersebut.  Anda mengeceknya. Bila masih ada hal-hal yang mereka tidak tahu, tunjukkanlah, mereka mempraktekan dan anda mengecek ulang.

Ini merupakan proses dasar dari suatu penilaian dan pelatihan.  Ini yang kami kerjakan setiap hari.

Pikirkan suatu keterampilan yang diperlukan dalam pekerjaan anda, misalnya, menyiapkan dokumen, mempergunakan database, mempergunakan lathe, mengganti lampu, menjalankan kereta.

Bila seseorang sudah menggantikan pekerjaan anda, apa yang akan anda kerjakan untuk meyakinkan bahwa mereka memiliki keterampilan dan pengetahuan untuk bekerja dengan aman dan efisien?

Hal-hal khusus apa yang akan anda lihat?

ada model berikut ini, suatu kelompok akan bekerja untuk Katie selama satu minggu, sementara Katie pergi berlibur.  Sebelum pergi, Katie ingin meyakinkan bahwa kelompok yang akan menggantikannya mengerti apa yang harus dikerjakan.

Katie bekerja di perusahaan yang menerima pesanan buku yang dicetak dan di pos-kan dari tempat lain.  Untuk meyakinkan bahwa kelompok yang menggantikan memang sudah mengerti apa yang harus dikerjakan, maka Katie:

  • mengecek apakah mereka pernah melakukan hal yang sama sebelumnya.
  • meyakinkan bahwa mereka merasa bahwa mereka memang kompeten
  • mengecek apakah mereka sudah terbiasa dengan prosedurnya
  • menanyakan apakah mereka memerlukan bantuan lebih lanjut
  • memperhatikan mereka bekerja
  • bila ada masalah besar, mencari penggantinya atau menyuruhnya bekerja pada akhir minggu.

Agar supaya pesanan diproses dengan semestinya, Katie perlu mengecek bahwa:

  • semua informasi telah di terjemahkan dari satu bentuk ke bentuk lainnya.
  • di dalam tanda terima telah tertulis informasi yang benar
  • alamat pada amplop telah ditulis dengan benar
  • sistem penyimpanan amplop dan tanda terima telah mengikuti aturan yang berlaku
  • orang yang sudah membayar telah dicatat dengan baik
  • jenis pembayaran telah dicatat dengan baik
  • pesanan dikirim lewat fax kepada distributor tepat pada waktunya agar bisa dikirimkan tepat waktu pula
  • kelompok yang mengganti tahu apa yang harus dikerjakan bila ada kesalahan.


Pilihan pembelajaran 1 (lanjutan)

Bila anda menguji seseorang di tempat kerja, apa yang akan anda lakukan bila anda ingin meyakinkan bahwa:

  • Anda mempunyai banyak bukti bahwa mereka bisa melakukan sebagus yang anda perkirakan?
  • Apakah anda cukup adil dan terbuka?
  • Apakah kandidat tahu apa yang harus dikerjakannya bila ada hal-hal yang menyimpang?
  • Menurut anda, apakah penilaian berdasarkan kompetensi itu?

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAA40104)

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAA40104)

Training and Assessment Like many Australians, you may already be working in a training capacity, or perhaps you are considering a career as a trainer? The wonderful thing about working as a trainer in Australia is that you are able to back up your working experience in whatever industry that you are in with vocational qualifications such as the Cert IV in TAA, potentially opening up many new career opporuntunties that were perhaps previously unavailable before being qualified.

In my own training organisation, Inspire Education ( the primary reasons people cite for wanting to do their Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAA) are:

1. A new role has become available that requires them to have their Cert IV in TAA

2. Their employer requires that that attend and/or complete a TAA course for their present role, or for a new role that they will be undertaking

3. A desire to teach at an Australian TAFE (The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is ESSENTIAL for this) 4. They wish to change from their current role to work as a trainer

5. They want start their own registerd training organisation (RTO)

The primary source of the knowledge and skills (and in many cases a requirement of the job!) is of course the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAA40104). This is Australia’s leading, nationally accredited and recognised ‘train the trainer’ qualification and is actually a requirement if any trainer wishes to train within an RTO or TAFE environment.

You can find out about the course outline and about costs for the Cert III Childcare course here >>>

For your convenience, I have also included the course outline and basic information below in case you were thinking of undertaking the course yourself:

What is the Cert IV in TAA all About?

The Cert IV in Training and Assessment the latest Australian Train the Trainer qualification. It is already considered a valuable qualification to many employers and organisations, and absolutely essential if you wish to become a teacher at an Australian TAFE. This qualification will enable you to develop the competencies required to perform the role of a skilled trainer, facilitator, and assessor in the workplace, as well as in a Vocational Education and Training (VET) environment.

What Will you Learn?

The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAA) training course replaces the previous Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment qualification, and is now the standard in becoming a qualified trainer in Australia. Training and Assessment will teach you to develop and train groups and individuals, as well as how to develop assessment tools and procedures within a workplace or VET environment. It will enable you to pass systematically and professionally pass on the valuable skills and knowledge you have acquired across your lifetime to others.

Course Outline & Structure

Provided you gain your Cert IV in TAA through a reputable training organisation, a TAA course will provide you first-class training as a means to gaining your Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. It is a full Nationally Accredited and Nationally recognised training course designed to meet the needs of trainers, students/trainees, businesses and industry.

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAA40104)

Course Units The TAA40104 Cert IV in Training and Assessment comprises 14 course units, including 12 core units plus 2 elective units. It is a nationally recognised qualification for anyone who is operating in a training and/or assessing capacity within their organisation, or anyone wishing to become a lecturer at an Australian TAFE. Inspire’s TAA courses is comprised of the following:

Core Units include (12 total):

TAADES401B—Use Training Packages to meet client needs.

TAADES402B—Design and develop learning programs.

TAAENV401B—Work effectively in vocational education and training.

TAAENV402B—Foster and promote an inclusive learning culture.

TAAENV403B—Ensure a healthy and safe learning environment.

TAAASS401C—Plan and organise assessment

TAAASS402C—Assess competence

TAAASS403B—Develop assessment tools

TAAASS404B—Participate in assessment validation

TAADEL401B—Plan and organise group-based delivery

TAADEL403B—Facilitate individual learning

TAADEL404B—Facilitate work-based learning

Electives (complete 2 of 2):

TAADEL301C—Provide training through instruction and demonstration of work skills

TAADEL402B—Facilitate group based learning

Prerequisites -Cert IV in Training and Assessment (TAA)

There are no formal prerequisites to the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, however it does require that you have sound language and literacy skills. To support your studies your training organisation should provide you with with qualified trainers, all learning materials, flexible delivery options, and telephone and email support.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

RPL is offered to any Learner who can provide evidence of competency for the units offered within the qualification. During the enrolment process a potential Learner may discuss any prior evidence they will need to put together to apply for RPL.

Training Schedule

The Cert IV in TAA is usually offered as either a blended-delivery course or through distance-learning( or online). The blended-delivery could be comprised of anything from a 2 – 10 day face-to-face workshop + home study, while distance/online typically takes place 100% at home.

So What Now?

Would you really would like to do this course? If you have a passion for training, visit Inspire’s Certificate IV in Training and Assessment course page and enquire to receive the latest pricing and course info. My company Inspire aims to provide you first-class training and support as you engage your goal of becoming a nationally accredited trainer.

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